Sunday, November 7, 2010

How children recover after the husband and wife sex life

(A) how to restore a satisfactory post-natal sex life?

Women during pregnancy and childbirth is undoubtedly the most wonderful experience of life experience. 280 days in an invisible cell birth to a lovely little life, and he (she) into this fascinating world, the mother physically and mentally, a significant change. These changes, maternal adjustment need some time to gradually adapt and return to the original law and state. Couples sex life is like that.

(B) when it can resume sex?

Under normal circumstances, the woman's uterus, cervix, vagina and subject to 6-8 weeks in the postpartum time to gradually recover. Before this, sex is absolutely forbidden to. At this point, endometrial placental separation still left after the formation of the wound, the cervix is open, and perineal and vaginal wounds not healing, sexual life may be bacteria into the birth canal, causing puerperal infection or sepsis. Therefore, only after 6-8 weeks after delivery, after the post-natal health check, the doctor to determine women's reproductive system is fully returned to normal in order to restore marital sex life.
(C) of the cesarean section requires a longer time to recover

It normally takes 3 months after delivery before starting sexual intercourse.

Of course, in the reproductive system and wound fully restored, it immediately resume sexual life, also needs according to their physical circumstances. If the mother due to vaginal dryness and pain, or because there was not comfortable with wound closure, vaginal lubricants can help.

(D) to act cautiously postpartum

Because breast-feeding mothers to breast-feeding and care both children and greater physical exertion, fatigue, and sexual desires are not strong, so the husband should be considerate care for his wife, the number of sex life should not be too frequent. In particular to remind everyone that, even though most women do not re-tide period, there will also be ovulation, so starting from the recovery of sexual life is necessary to take reliable contraceptive measures. Because menstruation may not fully recovered, so the rhythm is invalid. In case of unplanned pregnancy, not only would be more suffering mother, but also affect the nursing infant, it is not that yours is.

Live sex life before and after the clean is very important. Before and after intercourse, couples should be carefully cleaned genital and reproductive organs, sexual life immediately after his wife is washing the lower body health habits should be encouraged.

(E) issue a new mother sex large resolution

Sex couples can make loving each other, trust, people happy, husband and wife relationship is the lubricant. Postpartum women having sex can make the blood levels of oxytocin increased uterine contractions and contribute to the secretion of milk. Therefore, the normal sex life can promote maternal health.

However, there are many new mothers because of the physical, mental, emotional, and many other factors, the spent long after the puerperium, is still afraid of not even return to normal sex life. Following these cases, the new mothers will be very common.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Condoms, condoms are not necessarily

"Condom" and "condoms" technical standards, the use of different materials to determine its function, purpose, and for different purposes. "Condom" is for the purpose of contraception, product extension shock and Hong

Taste, etc., can only help sex. A large number of experiments show that condoms can be similar to the diameter of the particle size of human sperm effective barrier can also block chlamydia, mycoplasma and other bacteria, but can not effectively prevent B

The liver, AIDS, sexually transmitted diseases and other viruses.

"Condom" is the reproductive health products, to block the virus, for the purpose of prevention of sexually transmitted diseases, Wu Jing Jin emphasized. It is understood that four-dimensional High-tech Biochemical Co., Ltd. Yantai independent research and development expertise

Technical improvements benefit the natural latex material, the use of complex cross-technology and nano-filled with natural botanical extracts, increased condom film body density, not only to effective contraception, better barriers disease

Virus intrusion.

New condom self-developed technology is the patented technology, the completely new material and special process to create a new type of rubber technology, in principle, materials, process technology are

Unlike other similar products in the world. It uses the first "natural latex crosslinked nano-gap aperture fill technology", an increase of the density of natural latex film, and no drug use

Made of natural plant extracts and external side-effects film body, the natural latex layer containing carcinogens of which coated in natural latex does not affect the performance of the situation, really avoid skin cancer

Material in direct contact, reducing allergens and potential carcinogenic risk to solve the alkaline vaginal environment issues affecting women, protection of women's health. The endometrium and outer membrane extracts containing natural substances

Extract, that special ingredient, effectively blocking the adsorption of viruses and bacteria. The patented technology used condoms, the inspection authority has been proved that the technology for hepatitis B virus, HIV

Disease virus, effectively blocking the adsorption capacity of sexually transmitted diseases and gynecological diseases also have a preventive effect.

"Condom" and "condoms" should be strictly separated. Condom manufacturers should also be set to detect the virus-class rooms and laboratories, technical testing standards to increase the porous nano-scale review

Measured, so as to protect the people of the security.