Thursday, December 17, 2009

Women and childbearing longevity or short-lived?

United Kingdom a "childbearing women may be the secret of longevity," the article attracted national media widely reprinted. Based on animal experiments reported findings, that the later the better female reproductive longevity.

Hospital physicians reported gynecological Director Zhang explains the content, hoping to convey to readers an objective and accurate scientific information.

British scientists point of view:

British scientists believe that the postponement of childbearing may mean that menopause. Animal studies have shown that childbearing women have a positive effect produced hormones such as estrogen, it will be extended due to childbearing resulting time. Experts say an active sex life means that a positive state of old age.

 Domestic expert opinion:

Pregnancy produces a large number of estrogen, thus postponing the menopause is not accurate, animal experimental results do not necessarily apply to humans. Normal secretion of female hormone estrogen is estradiol, while the mass production during pregnancy, estrogen is estriol, with estrogen, but both very different. Estriol synthesized by the placenta, and its activity is much weaker than that of estradiol. Its role is to promote the growth of the uterus and the breast to ensure an adequate blood supply to the uterus, so that ligament relaxation, decreased ability to support joints. Secretion of estrogen in late pregnancy orgasm, decreased levels of progesterone, oxytocin increase in a variety of factors conspired to cause any birth. When the reproductive end, estriol also withdraw from the "stage of history." So, even during pregnancy, secrete a hundred times more than usual thousandfold estriol will soon be metabolized, it is impossible lasted until menopause.

  British scientists point of view:
  "The fact that the more children later, life will be longer."恩斯凯尔顿University of Manchester, Dr. Tao, "said 30-year-old, women and estrogen will be a dramatic reduction. Late first child birth delay in this process can occur, and thus in their own bodies produce large amounts of estrogen in the body in many ways to benefit, including muscle, bone, nervous system functions. "

Domestic expert opinion:

A large number of facts show that, compared with the reproductive age, older mothers to bear more risk, and pregnant longer we delay, the more likely give birth to Down's syndrome children. Women with age, the uterus and vagina of the contractile force is also done less prone to post-partum haemorrhage and obstructed labor. Older mothers prone to various complications, such as pregnancyDiabetes, pregnancyHigh blood pressure. These factors can also lead to tire stop infertility, placental abruption, miscarriage, premature birth and so on, seriously affect the fetus's development. Older, and pregnant women themselves are also susceptible to various diseases, such as uterine fibroids, ovarian cysts and so on fetal development also have an impact. As for the bones, not only does not become more robust, due to breastfeeding would be a drastic loss of calcium, combined with middle-aged big peak bone mass is also decreasing, bones but will be seriously jeopardized. Therefore, 25-30-year-old is the best age for childbearing women

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