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Winter skin itching disease emergency response

Into the fall and winter seasons, many people feel the body of unknown causes itchy skin, but also the more grasping the more itchy, and sometimes even scratch the skin, still do not solve the problem. Experts point out that due to environmental humidity, decrease in skin water evaporation increases, the skin becomes dry, which is the main cause itching. Therefore, the prevention of itching of the most fundamental thing is to keep the skin moist.
  Making unwarranted chaos will increase the symptoms of hot
Every fall and winter seasons, Miss Wang has always felt itchy skin, in particular, do not dare to bathe. Because each time after taking a bath, you feel whole body itchy to the skin are still puzzled scratch the itch. Sometimes, to understand the itch, she will be found with hot water to scalding piece of itchy areas, but this approach seems not very useful. She would like to know why the old skin, itching, is not there anything wrong?
Itchy skin caused by scratching is a grasping desire discomfort, for a total of a variety of skin symptoms. Fall and winter seasons due to climate dry, itchy skin for the high season. There are many skin receptors that can sense external stimuli, but did not find the specialized experience itch receptors. At present the medical profession that itch generation was mainly due to minor pain receptors stimulated by the specific reaction can be conducted by a variety of mechanical, chemical, or inflammatory stimulus generated a minor.
Function of the central nervous system itch will have some influence, such as anxiety, worry or excessive attention to when the itching itching strengthened, while the attention of mental stability or time of the transfer to reduce itching. A variety of diseases can cause skin itching, such as neurasthenia, thyroid function abnormalities, diabetes, liver and gallbladder disease, obstructive jaundice, uremia, tuberculosis, eczema, urticaria and so on. So, come the skin pruritus should promptly go to the hospital treatment, a result of treatment.
There is a layer of normal skin surface lipid protective film that can play a nourishing the skin and prevent moisture loss of the role of elderly people due to shrinking sebaceous glands, sebum secretion resulting in the epidermis to reduce excessive water loss, easy to induce and aggravate itching generation. Also some people mistakenly believe that the skin itching is due to the skin caused by inadequate sanitary measures, and therefore frequently used hot water, soap or salt water bath accompanied by sterilization. In fact, over hot water with soap, etc. strong alkaline chemicals, easy to damage the skin and normal skin protective layer, will increase the itching.
  To keep the skin moist can prevent itching
Ms Lau has an annual fall and winter skin itch phenomenon, sometimes too crazy itch her grasp forever, and often results in skin breakdown. To this end she was very distressed, ask the experts, there is no good way to prevent itching, itching, if the event should be what kind of drugs used to treat?
To keep the skin moist is to prevent itching of the first principles of the disease. To do this we can take the following preventive measures to try to avoid the likely trigger and aggravating factors of skin itching.
  In the bath areas:The water temperature should be maintained at 24 ℃ -29 ℃ is appropriate, while bathing time should not be too long, in general, 15-minute bath, shower 3-5 minutes. Reasonable application of skin-care products like body lotion will help relieve the symptoms of skin itching. If the skin is not very oil, then to select a neutral bath, and soap as well, cleaning products on the body we should not stay too long, must be washed, wash clean, otherwise it will damage the skin. After the bath, to body painting body lotion, so you can lock the surface of the skin moisture and ease dry and itchy.
 In the diet:Spicy, stimulating, and seafood categories of food are likely to cause skin itching, in particular, should be taken to avoid tobacco, alcohol, coffee and excess acid or spicy foods. Autumn and winter air is dry, easily lead to the loss of too much moisture in normal skin, it is often added to drinking water could also be the body of water, from a certain extent, ease the skin dry, so as to reduce itching and maintain skin moisture.
  In the treatment of areas:Topical corticosteroid preparations are the most important treatment of Dermatology (Note: Be sure the doctor's advice should not be used indiscriminately on their own). In fact, topical glucocorticoid preparations and antibiotics in principle the same, with a strict classification system, the agents saw the market for efficient and super-efficient multi-agents, the patient's abuse led to the continuing escalation of external agents, to the itching disease control with to man-made difficulties. The treatment of skin itching disorders In addition to actively looking for causes other than treatment, in general, within the available drug therapy, including oral antihistamines, anti-anxiety drugs, added hormones. Chinese medicine can also be within the rule, or the use of topical medications, use of a variety of anti-itch lotion, cream, ointment, and a weak protective effect or the effect of corticosteroid cream

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